NanoSmart™ Technology

NanoSmart™ Technology by nGageIT Digital Health™ is a brand new technology that uses nanoparticles to digitally encode the outer layer of oral medication, transforming any medication in to a digital object.


nGageIT Digital Health™ patented NanoSmart™ technology coats any oral medication with a molecular layer that acts like a barcode. Combined with nGageIT Digital Health™ nanoparticle biosensor, this enables real-time visibility to medication adherence and treatment compliance.

Medication adherence occurs when a patient takes their medications according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency, and direction.

The personal and economic impacts of medication non-adherence are staggering.


costs per year for US healthcare system


of all patients do not take their medications as prescribed.


of all prescriptions
go unfilled.


premature deaths per year in US.

With nGageIT Digital Health™… 

Patented NanoSmart™ technology helps treatment and primary care program administrators accurately measure medication and treatment adherence by remotely verifying from the breath that Casey ingested his medication and is compliant with his treatment. Adherence data is available to program administrators in real-time; non-compliance is identified immediately.


    Particles are safe food grade particles (GRAS – generally regarded as safe) that can be coated on the pill and break down on ingestion by the patient

    Particles are detected in the patient’s breath via the nGageIT Biosensor

    Since nanoparticles deteriorate at a known rate, timing of ingestion can be verified by the quantity of exhaled particles being detected

NanoSmart™ technology uses FDA approved food-grade non-medicinal nano-particles in an imperceptible nano-layer as part of our nano-coating. This ensures the performance of the drug is not affected in any way. Nano-coating is applied in a post-production process using conventional production methods using GMP guidelines (similar to excipient modifications) or at a specialty pharmacy for targeted trials.

Both the nanoparticle and the patient’s breath are uniquely identified, confirming when a specific patient has taken their medication, as well as how much they’ve taken. 

NanoSmart™ technology by nGageIT Digital Health™ can deliver point of care real-time medication treatment adherence information to physician and primary care provider systems.

Any drug can be used and adherence tracking is completely non-invasive; the biosensor detects the unique nanoparticle ‘fingerprint’ of the drug in real-time, confirming when a specific patient is being compliant with their treatment.

NanoSmart™ Adherence Technology versus leading adherence technology

nGageIT Digital Health NanoSmart Technology versus other technology in market
Other Adherence TechnologynGageIT Digital Health NanoSmart Technology
Requires ingestion of a computer chipSafe food grade particle only
Requires sensors worn on body for medication verificationNo wearable sensor required – simply breath
Long FDA regulatory process due to pre-manufacturing requirementMinimum FDA changes required – post-manufacturing process only
Supply chain disruptionMinimal supply chain disruption

Conquering Medication Adherence with Each Breath

NanoSmart™ technology by nGageIT Digital Health™ can radically transform healthcare by providing primary care providers with visibility to treatment and medication adherence and compliance, enabling interventional support when needed and driving better patient outcomes. 

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