iSenz™ Injector Sensor

nGageIT iSenz™ Injector Sensor

Patent pending smart injection devices called iSenz™ and InsuloSenz™ safely and non-invasively detect proper doses of medication have been injected.

nGageIT Digital Health™ iSenz™ Injector Sensor

Revolutionary patent pending smart injection technology produced by nGageIT Digital Health™ led to the creation of a device called iSenz™ that safely and non-invasively detects that proper doses of medication such as insulin have been injected.
The only device of its kind in the world, nGageIT Digital Health™ patent pending iSenz™ can not only scan and detect insulin and other medications below skin level, but can also confirm the proper angle of the injection and verify its quality.
Our iSenz™ smart injection system, like the nanopartical biosensor, senses the unique detectable fingerprint of the drug and the angle that it is injected at.  This is important because poor angle leads to poor absorption.  When ready to inject, iSenz™ will show the patient that their subcutaneous medication, such as insulin, was delivered effectively.

a breakthrough solution to a global healthcare problem

nGageIT Digital Health™ devices safely and automatically detect insulin and other inject-able medications after injection below the skin and connects to the cloud through your smartphone. Patients using injections like insulin can simply inject, detect and go, freeing them up while nGageIT Digital Health™ automatically tracks and updates their doses.
The patent-pending iSenz™ platform is the world’s first digital medication injection system which accurately administers, and non-invasively detects, the injection of any injectable subcutaneous medications below the skin, as well as correcting the angle of injection to prevent complications through real-time gyroscopic technology.
The iSenz™ can be specially customized for insulin dependent diabetic patients and is called the InsuloSenz™. For example, rapid insulin and other medications need to be injected either at 90 degrees or 45 degrees – sub-optimal techniques lead to poor outcomes and complications. Insulosenz™ also has the technology to detect optimal injection sites for diabetics.
A simple connection to the cloud is not enough anymore and nGageIT’s smart injection devices go beyond the connection to facilitate “real-time” disease state care by automated injection detection and real time injection technique correction.”

iSenz™ Key Features

Detects and verifies the injection of medication after it is injected below the skin in a novel non-invasive manner

Diabetic insulin patients are free to inject, detect and go with doses automatically uploaded to the cloud and tracked. Facilitates opportunities for enhanced diabetic care

Can detect the angle of injection to prevent complication and common errors

Patient can see the angle of injection of the drug is correct by the iSenz™ flashing blue

Patient can see the angle of the injection is incorrect by the iSenz™ flashing red

Clearly displays time, dose and medication and automatically uploads the data to the cloud. Facilitates “Inject, Detect and Go”

Easily and conveniently charged using a wireless charger

iSenz™ and Insulosenz™ sensor technology can be integrated into current injectable devices through co-development with manufacturer partnerships

iSenz™ technology can be used with any subcutaneously injected medication.

“Current insulin pens don’t scan below the skin, they can’t detect the angle of the device or record the correct dosage. This technology will really free up people’s time from complicated at home medication applications and reporting.”