G2 BioSensor

G2 BioSensor™ for Medication Adherence by nGageIT Digital Health

Medication adherence-tracking breath sensors that when combined with our NanoSmart technology can detect the medication you take with your breath in real-time.

The G2 BioSensor™ is a smart, handheld breath sensor technology that has the power to detect the medication you take in real-time using your breath.
Our G2 BioSensor, when combined with our NanoSmart technology, detects medication-specific compounds in your breath. Medication adherence verification occurs in real-time and positive verification is sent to the cloud and shared with your EMR, your patient provider portal, or your primary care provider.
No ingestible and no wearables are required. Simply breath and track your recovery process.
G2 BioSensor™ provides a next-generation solution to medication adherence tracking, enabling easier use and greater patient participation, and enabling greater insight into risk factors, treatment effectiveness, and patient health patterns, leading to more informed healthcare decisions for everyone involved.
G2 BioSensor™ is designed with patient-usability in mind, following a robust human-factor-design process that reviews and tests usability, ergonomics, feeling, functionality, shape and size, accessibility, safety, and other requirements.
This design and development process ensures that the G2 BioSensor is both seamlessly functional and easy to use from a patient perspective without sacrificing quality and effectiveness as a medical device.