Real-time Point of Care Disease Detection, Diagnostics, and Treatment Responsiveness Monitoring

AiroStotle™ by nGageIT Digital Health™ is a revolutionary digital breath bio-pattern™ sensor capable of early-stage real-time disease detection and treatment monitoring

Designed to overcome a variety of challenges that have confounded prior approaches to breath-based analysis and early-stage cancer and disease detection, AiroStotle™ can detect digital breath signatures’ bio-patterns of diseases such as cancerous tumours with high clinical sensitivity and specificity. Digital bio=patterns are based on nGageIT Digital Health™ proprietary sensor technology and VOC nanoparticle library.

It is well know that in many cases up to 40% of cancerous tumours don’t shed their genetic fragments into the bloodstream confounding many genetic blood based modalities (liquid biopsies) and limiting them to later stages of cancer detection.

AiroStotle™ enables accurate reporting of known cancer and disease biopatterns from the breath at the earliest stages (stage 0), localizing the tumor to its internal organ site, while filtering out biological noise sources that typically confound traditional blood based genetic testing.

“The metabolism of people with lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer is different to that of healthy people and this is reflected in the chemical signature of their breath.”

The AiroStotle™ custom built NanoSensor array has the ability to detect diseases in the exhaled breath which can expand the scope of precision oncology to earlier stages of the disease, improving patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

AiroStotle™ has the ability to improve stage-at-diagnosis rates by enabling physicians and primary care providers to detect and diagnose cancers at much earlier stages, improving recovery and life expectancy rates and saving lives.

Airostotle™ is being designed and developed to execute tests that enable clinicians to detect disease and recurrence at a stage when intervention may have a higher chance to cure compared to other technologies. It is also designed to help bio-pharmaceutical customers identify new opportunities in adjuvant drug development and therapies targeting earlier stage cancers.


AiroStotle™ by nGageIT Digital Health™ turns breath into data.

Endogenous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released within the human organism as a result of normal metabolic activity or due to pathological disorders. They enter the bloodstream and are eventually metabolized or excreted via exhalation, skin emission, urine, etc.
Breath sampling is non-invasive and breath samples can be extracted as often as desired.[1]
Identification and quantification of potential disease biomarkers and patterns can be seen as the driving force for the analysis of exhaled breath. Moreover, future applications for medical diagnosis and therapy control with dynamic assessments of normal physiological function or pharmacodynamics are intended.


AiroStotle™ breath-based disease detection versus leading detection methods


Current liquid biopsy disease detection methods can support detection of up to 60% of cancerous tumors. AiroStotle™ by nGageIT Digital Health™ can detect at least 90% of cancerous tumors when they are present.

Liquid Biopsy Detection Rate Up to 60% of all cancers
AiroStotle Breath-Based Detection Rate At least 90% of all cancers

Current liquid biopsy disease detection methods support detecting up to 60% of cancerous tumors only when they are at a late stage of development ie stage 3, stage 4, or beyond. AiroStotle™ by nGageIT Digital Health™ can detect over 90% of cancerous tumors at their earliest stage (stage 0) when they are present.

Liquid Biopsy 30%
Detects late-stage cancers only
AiroStotle Breath-Based Detection Rate 90%
Detects cancers at earliest stage (stage 0) when they are present

Current liquid biopsy lab testing processes take up to 2 weeks to process a single sample. AiroStotle by nGageIT Digital Health™ provides sample test results in near-real-time, taking weeks off of the test processing time.

Liquid Biopsy 14%
Lab processing in 2 weeks time assuming tissue sample can be used
Breath-Based Lab Processing 100%
Lab processing in near-real-time

35 million people in the USA are at high risk of developing Cancer.

Two-thirds of cancers caught early are curable. Of those caught late, 80% are fatal.
Early Cancer screening at checkups is the single biggest diagnostic opportunity in recent history.

Conquering Cancer with Each Breath

AiroStotle™ by nGageIT Digital Health™ can radically transform healthcare by providing immediate line of sight into disease and cancerous states, enabling earlier diagnoses and improving outcomes for millions of people. 

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