nGageIT Digital Health™ Patented Breath Sensor Technology

Groundbreaking patented breath sensor technology fundamentally changes the patient treatment experience.

nGageIT Digital Health™ patented nano-particle biosensors detect early-stage cancer and disease states and unlock visibility and critical clinical insights to real-time adherence, wellness and treatment data that will significantly increase patient health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

nGageIT Digital Health™ NanoSmart™ technology turn any oral medication into a digital object measurable from your breath using a smartphone. NanoSmart™ technology uses biologically inert nanoparticles to barcode the drug which are then picked up by the Biosensor when the patient breaths into it.

nGageIT Digital Health™ AiroStotle™ technology detects cancer and disease state biomarkers from your exhaled breath using patented breath sensor technology.

Our Technology

NanoSmart™ Technology

NanoSmart™ Technology transforms digital healthcare through groundbreaking new nano-enabled patented technology and sensor platforms that verify medications are ingested from your breath, on schedule, using a smart phone.

AiroStotle™ Biosensor

AiroStotle™ Biosensor technology uses AI-powered nanosensors to enable clinical breath diagnostics and can detect cancers and disease states with high clinical accuracy.

iSenz™ Injector Sensor

iSenz™ Smart Medication Injector Sensors use smart (patent pending) injection devices iSenz™ and InsuloSenz™ to safely and non-invasively detect proper medication doses have been injected and injected at the right angles to optimize medication absorption.
To hear about how nGAgeIT Digital Health™ technology can help drive healthier patient outcomes and lower the cost of care for you, please contact us.