Breath & Medication Sensor Technology

Our patent pending medication sensor technology fundamentally changes the patient treatment experience: it unlocks visibility to key adherence, wellness and treatment insights that will significantly increase patient outcomes, provide physicians and providers with much more real-time patient health data, and will result in lower ongoing healthcare costs.


NanoSmart Technology

NanoSmart™ Breath-Sensor Technology

Transforming digital healthcare through groundbreaking new (patent pending) nano-enabled technology and sensor platforms that verify medications are ingested from your breath, on schedule, using a smart phone.

Nanoparticle Biosensor

nGageIT Nanoparticle Biosensor™ Technology

Medication adherence tracking and patient health monitoring (patent pending) breath sensors that can read when you’ve taken your medication as well as inform your own health and wellness levels.

iSenz™ Injector Sensor

iSenz™ Smart Medication Injector Sensors

Smart (patent pending) injection devices iSenz™ and InsuloSenz™ safely and non-invasively detect proper doses of medication have been injected and injected at the right angles to optimize medication absorption.

Advanced Breath Diagnostics

Breath Diagnostics

nGageIT NanoSmart™ (patent pending) technology is being used to develop portable mobile handheld breath diagnostic technology that can be easily and accurately deployed in health systems at an affordable cost.