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“Time is Running Out for Pharma to Change Course” – by Tom Kottler

http://www.pharmexec.com/time-running-out-pharma-change-course “This leaves adherence – getting patients to stay on their prescribed therapy – as the final financial frontier for the pharmaceutical industry …” This is a fantastic article that helps articulate the enormous value that currently exists with medication adherence. For example, the article stipulates that Pharmaceutical companies lose an estimated $637 billion globally...


nGageIT’s latest technology checks adherence through users’ breath

nGageIT is the first company in the world to tackle the opioid crisis with digital medicine By Laura Lovett May 22, 2018 MobiHealthNews Treating the opioid epidemic has challenged researchers and providers for years. Looking at patient adherence — both to opioid substitutes and painkillers — has been an avenue several companies have begun to look...