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nGageIT Nanoparticle Biosensor Technology

Medication adherence tracking and patient health monitoring, all from your smart phone


Nanoparticle Biosensor

Our nanopartical biosensor for oral drugs is compact and simple to use.  Patients can easily plug it into their mobile device.  Once ready, the patient breaths to confirm their last dose was taken takes their medication and then breath again. Our biosensor picks up the unique fingerprint of the drug.

nGageIT’s patented breath-sensor technology non-intrusively monitors when patients take either oral medications or give themselves medical injections. The nGageIT sensor passively detects unique fingerprints of medications when ingested simply by breathing into it while connected to any smartphone. nGageIT’s breakthrough technology is able to analyze the “breath” of patients, and the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud through the patient’s smart phone. This critical data has many applications that help both the patient and the practitioner, leading to better compliance with medical advice and medical device use, and better health outcomes for the patient.

The smart tool detects food grade safe nano-particles or “bar-codes” on tablets when ingested and the unique custom biosensor decodes these from the more than 2,500 substances in the human breath. Since each person’s breath is unique, like a fingerprint, it can be used as an identification method. Every time medication is ingested, the biosensor identifies the tablet, the dose and other information, such as expiry date. This information is automatically mapped to the cloud and sent to the patient’s doctor and others in their health circle that they choose. This powerful data empowers physicians to easily and precisely customize therapy to the patient’s lifestyle, their behavior and their genes.



nGageIT’s solution allows patients in clinical trials to be monitored “truly” digitally in a verifiable manner

nGageIT facilitates “site-less” clinical trials by detecting the point of ingestion of the patient with their oral medication and autonomously transmitting this data to the cloud for every dose which allows investigators to verify adherence remotely in real-time. In this manner, patients in the trail are automatically flagged in real-time and can be eliminated from the trial so that patients who finish the trial are objectively verified using nGageIT’s digital technology to be 100% adherent. What this means is that these non-adherent patients are eliminated before being included efficacy results. This also reduces the costs of oversampling and recruitment.

Slippage – this allows medication to proceed through the regulatory process faster and safer which reduces “slippage” – the operational cost of clinical trials. By getting drugs out to market without delay, pharmaceutical manufacturers can realize gain in revenue of up to $8 million per day for strategic molecules.
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Data & Analytics


Capturing the unique data points associated with the point of ingestion will allow machine learning and artificial neural networks to understand and predict what behaviors contribute to increased patient wellness, as well as what do not.

In this way it can not only help tailor patient care systems specifically for patients, but can begin to predict when patients’ health may be compromised even before the patient is aware of it, and seek preventative or proactive medical support.




Low medication adherence is arguably the most significant problem in our health care ecosystem, costing over $300 billion dollars in the U.S. alone and leading to over 125,000 premature deaths per year.


no wearable required

Unlike other adherence technologies, with nGageIT’s nanosensors you do not need to wear any other devices or patches to monitor your medication levels and adherence.

The NanoSmart oral encoding platform key features:

  • NanoSmart turns any approved oral dosage form into a digital object
  • A custom biosensor detects from the breath the digitally encoded nanoparticles ‘like an ingestible barcode’
  • Food Grade Safe NanoSmart particles create unique detectable ingestible nanocodes for any oral medication
  • No external sensors needed for patients to wear for detection – simply breathe
  • Mobile detection device the works through your smartphone
  • A companion app provides information on dosage and automated reminders
  • For further support patients can connect with practitioners through video or live chat
  • NanoSmart encoding particles can be safely integrated into current oral dosage form coatings used by pharmaceutical manufacturers which minimizes supply chain disruption.


The Future

Future development of nGageIT’s biosensor technology includes the mobile detection of selected disease bio-markers from the breath, as well as individualized data on how each person’s body deals with targeted medications.

“This is an opportunity to truly tailor therapy to individual patients using advanced digital medicine.”