data-driven insights

connectivity, advanced analytics, and automation, building deeper relationships with patients and providers, enabling new business models, making processes more efficient, and enabling better decisions

Leveraging our unique real-time patient adherence and wellness data, we transform information into insights used to make informed, value-based healthcare decisions. Behavioral analytics help solve key challenges such as why patients behave as they do, correlating adherence data, side effects data, bio-marker data.  
Deep learning, artificially-intelligence-based analytical methods and models enable the discovery of key insights at patient, program, provider, and economic levels. Population risk-based stratification based on medication and treatment utilization, analytical behavioral dynamics, automatic patient product feature selection, and broad-population treatment micro-targeting will enhance the provision of healthcare across all levels.

Enabling the collection, analysis, and understanding of treatment insights never before available, revolutionizing the therapeutic experience

data models

Leveraging our unique personalized data sensor models, we can develop concise and purposeful deep-learning and AI-driven analytical methods and models that focus on delivering insights and value throughout varying levels of the healthcare system.

Comprehensive prescriptive Ai-based modeling will drive deep behavioral analytics yielding patient and health system insights covering predictive and prescriptive outcome mapping, behavior and risk-based patient modeling, prescriptive interventions, pharma product-market-patient utilization dynamics, and stratification-based optimized micro-targeting.

These insights will drive significant value from both patient wellness and practitioner cost savings, while generating significant additional revenue opportunities.

Sensory Data Sources
Our sensor pulls data passively, directly from the patient. Not only does this data contain information on drug log and type, time and date taken, and overall adherence data, it also contains critical bio-marker data that can help monitor patient well-being. This data is ingested and analyzed in real-time to deliver bio-health, wellness, and adherence data directly back to patients and physicians.

Patient Adherence Data

Real-time and aggregate patient adherence data captures medication adherence, treatment compliance, drug date, lot, and serial, time taken, etc. Combined with our wellness and biomarker data this provides a significant representation of patient state.

Patient Wellness Data

Through our digital app, we track patient wellness factors – common side effects, side effect severity, frequency, duration, etc. We can correlate this data with adherence and biomarker data for visibility to overall patient health.

Patient Biomarker Data

Passive sensor data detects and logs patient biomarker data – including temperature, CO2, O2, and other health indicator data. This observational data is collected passively and stored in the cloud.