Breath Diagnostics

The future of patient health diagnostics

Commercial Fitness Application

nGageIT’s Patent Pending Breath Sensor technology can significantly improve fitness levels and overall peak athlete performance.
nGageIT’s breath sensor technology can read health and wellness biomarkers, highlighting optimal fat-burning cycles within the body. This enables athletes and fitness professionals to optimize their own fitness and training programs, knowing precisely when their body is peaking and burning fat, and when it is not.
Fitness Professionals
Fitness professionals are acutely aware of their own body cycles – they need to know and understand when their body is reacting to the their intake. nGageIT commercial breath sensor technology enables better understanding of peak and fat burning cycles which will allow fitness professionals to optimize their programs and enable the greatest returns on their programs.
Athletics and Athletic Programs
Athletes and participants of athletic programs rely on a fine balance of what food and nutrients they ingest and how much energy they can output from that. Our breath sensors can enable athletic program optimization by allowing athletes visibility to what’s happening within their bodies and when and how training sessions are most effective.