Breath Diagnostics

The future of patient health diagnostics

Breathalyzer & Substance Detection

nGageIT’s Patent Pending Breath Sensor technology can drastically improve the effectiveness of substance detection devices.
nGageIT’s breath sensor technology can detect a variety of substances through breath samples, not just detecting if substances are present but often being able to detect potency levels and when substances were last taken.
Alcohol & Marijuana
Police departments currently use breathalyzers to gather intoxication information during roadside checks. However, they lack a single tool to check for Marijuana. The need for this has become more prevalent recently with marijuana legalization taking effect throughout North America.
Narcotics & Controlled Substances
Our patent pending breath sensors can detect a variety of controlled narcotics and substances, including but not limited to marijuana, opioids, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. This can enable immediate substance use/intoxication testing for law enforcement and substance abuse program participation.