Payor Data

Payor Level aggregate programmatic, system, and EMR/EHR integration data for optimization and modelling

System Data

Outcome data supports the design and development of optimized payment modeling based on a range of enhanced analytics.

Aggregate program and cost data identifies opportunities for optimization and development within each segment. Adherence and treatment recovery data shapes program development and informs program incentivization models, enabling a better understanding of current portfolio analytics. This also unlocks new opportunities for personalized plan modeling, identifying common sets of behaviors and outcomes that lower cost and improve patient wellness, and enables opportunities to reward and/or lower healthcare costs for ideal behaviors.

Programmatic Data

Program treatment data is available to providers and practitioners, identifying treatment recovery and success rates, treatment cost tracking, correlative treatment side effects, and detailed cost and outcome modelling for each patient population segment. This will help improve population health management programs with more clinically concise, detailed data and analytics on patient behaviors and outcomes.

EMR/EHR Integration

Patient and program adherence / compliance data, along with the patient’s individual biomarker data, is collected and shared with EHR/EMR systems, giving practitioners and providers point-of-care data on individual patient and program-common compliance rates, side effects, and other data necessary to monitor patient health outcomes.