Patient Data

nGageIT Digital Health collects, analyzes, and provides critical patient treatment wellness and biomarker data

Our patent pending NanoParticle Biosensors collects and analyzes critical patient-focused data.


Prescription amounts, lengths, dose levels, and other patient data is captured and updated in the patient records and EHRs.

Medication Adherence

Patient adherence levels are recorded and monitored. This information is accessible to the patient so they may partake in tracking their own adherence levels and habits.

Medication Dosage Levels

Personal patient dosage levels are monitored and tracked. Patients can view their dosage levels and remaining prescription levels. Patients can pre-order refills on their prescriptions at the click of a button.


Temperature data are logged and can be used to help identify a variety of things such as baseline rates, recent temperature spikes, reactions to medications, ovulation cycles, etc.

CO2 Levels

Too much carbon dioxide in your blood can harm your body’s organs. Both of these problems—a low oxygen level and a high carbon dioxide level in the blood—can occur at the same time. Diseases and conditions that affect your breathing can cause respiratory failure.

O2 Levels

Normal arterial oxygen is approximately 75 to 100 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Values under 60 mm Hg usually indicate the need for supplemental oxygen. Normal pulse oximeter readings usually range from 95 to 100 percent. Values under 90 percent are considered low.

Side Effects

Patients are prompted to share and log side effects they are experiencing in the platform. This provides better visibility to the patient experience through their recovery and can be shared with their physician.