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Our Company

Digitally mapping the human breath will transform the way medicine is practiced and improve the health outcomes

nGageIT Digital Health builds AI enabled nano-sensors that detect diseases like cancer as well as medications you take from your exhaled breath. We work with health systems, practitioners, providers, and health systems to improve patient outcomes. Through our technology we can affect widespread improvements in patient health outcomes – including wellness, health, and happiness.
We strive to build links between patients and practitioners, arming physicians and providers with more concise, timely patient health and wellness data, so they are more prepared to make better decisions for that patient.
With the rising cost of healthcare being unsustainable, we believe every patient deserves to have access to cost-effective health-related technology and systems.
We want to build and optimize programmatic, financially aligned and outcome-driven partnerships with provider organizations, including health systems, physician groups, accountable care organizations, provider-sponsored health plans, and health and life insurance / payor organization, that value personalized, high quality, accessible healthcare programs and services. 

Leadership Team & Advisors

Raj Reddy, RPh, RPEBC 
President, CEO, & Inventor of the Technology
Dr. Jenn Murdoch, RN, RM PhD
Chief of Health Transformation & Co-Founder
Peter Harkin, MBA
Senior Vice President, Financial Operations
Anna Wang
Head of Corporate Affairs & Strategic Partnerships
Dr Sanjay Gandhi, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Robert Howie
Senior Director of Informatics
Dr. Purav Bedani, PhD
Senior Director of Research
Mike Maczuzak, BSc (ID), MBA
Design & Engineering Consultant
CEO, SmartShape Design
Anish C Antony, CPA, MBA
VP India Operations & Finance
Karim Botros, MSc (Eng), MBA
Board of Directors nGageIT
Managing Partner, Echo Health Ventures
Dr Ken Buchholz, MD
Senior Medical Advisor
nGageIT Digital Health currently operates out of two locations:
1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Canada
5005 Rockside Rd, Suite 600 Cleveland, Ohio 44131
For more information on nGageIT Digital Health please contact us.