About us

We Make Taking Your Medicine A Digital Experience

NgageIT is pioneering the field of digital medicine with a novel platform that detects unique fingerprint of medications that you take that allows you to connect to the digital space.

We combine ingestible computing, with cloud computing with the internet and mobile digital dispensing technology – this is a powerful open platform that measures medication treatment effectiveness, controls dosing, helps physicians improve clinical outcomes and helps patients reach their personalized health goals based on their behaviour, their genes and their habits. Their way. Additionally, our open API allows us to deliver medication treatment effectiveness with any existing physiologic sensor platforms to enhance health outcomes. We are bringing this new digital solution to the healthcare ecosystem, thereby enriching insights, engaging patients and optimizing therapies and lowering costs.

Today, there are 15 trillion doses of approved pharmaceuticals in the global supply chain and an equivalent amount off unconnected patients – we aim to connect them all.