nGageIT Welcomes Anna Wang as Head of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Partnerships

PRESS RELEASE: Toronto, Canada
“I am extremely excited to welcome Anna Wang to nGageIT “ says president and CEO Raj Reddy “Anna will be a valuable addition to our corporate team as Head of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Partnerships. She is responsible for overall strategic engagement between nGageIT and its investors and collaborators. She will also lead Communications, Market Development including Global Health Initiatives, Alliances and Corporate Development.”
Anna is a strategic advisor and a global health expert. Since 2013 she has been advising Atomo Diagnostics, a medical device company based in Sydney where she is helping to expand the company’s footprint in developing countries and supporting the development of rapid diagnostic self-tests. As a senior advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Anna supported the foundation’s relationship with other funders and provided advice on the foundation’s global health research and development (R&D) strategy and advocacy activities.
Prior to establishing herself as an independent advisor, Anna was the VP for External Relations at the Medicines for Malaria Venture, a non-profit organization dedicated to antimalarial R&D. She helped to grow the organization from a 10-person start-up to a leader and pioneer in global health R&D – quadrupling its budget in 5 years with funding from the Gates Foundation and a dozen other donors. Since 2008, she has also helped RS Group, a family office based in Hong Kong, shape its philanthropy portfolio and advance its “total portfolio approach” in managing all of the principal’s investments. RS Group is now a leading voice in promoting impact investment globally.
Anna is also the founder and director of a non-profit photography collective, Photographers for Hope which aims to use the power of images to support positive social change. She is also on the board of several NGOs focused on girl empowerment and social justice. Her career in public affairs started with campaigning for rights of people living with AIDS at the Human Rights Campaign, followed by the Clinton Presidential Campaign in 1992 and finally a two-year intensive experience working on South Africa’s first multi-party elections.
“My entire career has been built around impact whether it is through political action or advocating for funding for neglected diseases. This is the main attraction of joining nGageIT – it is a game-changer – not only in its cutting-edge technology but more importantly in its potential to save and improve lives of millions globally. I look forward to working with everyone to accelerate the development of our innovations so it can reach those in need as quickly as possible,” says Anna Wang, Head of Corporate Affairs.

ABOUT nGageIT Digital Health

nGageIT is a world leader in developing rapid real time breath testing at the point of care based in Toronto.  The company specialises in creating integrated real time rapid breath diagnostic test (RBDT) platforms for breath-based testing of cancer and inflammatory disease.  The recipient of multiple awards for innovation, nGageITs all-in-one Airostotle ™ handheld devices make it easy to test and screen for a range of diseases such as cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.  Unlike standard, multi-component blood tests, Airostotle ™ platforms integrate features and deliver an easy to use non-invasive breath test with results in real time at the point of care without the need to ship out samples.
Early non-invasive detection of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death has tremendous societal and financial value. Lung cancer cells generate and out-gas unique volatiles that exit the body through breath, providing an olfactory signature.  nGageIT is developing a breath analysis system that enables a completely non-invasive, low cost diagnosis of lung cancer. Using nGageIT’s Airostotle breath sensor system the company has completed a study showing high accuracy screening of lung cancer from breath compared to health patients. Further larger trials are planned to resolve sub-stratification of the disease.
As well as commercializing products in its own brand, nGageIT is developing strategic partnerships to provide OEM product development services to specialist diagnostic companies worldwide.
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