nGageIT to Tackle Opioid Crisis with Digital Medicine

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MetroHealth Hospital Systems of Cleveland

nGageIT to Tackle Opioid Crisis with Digital Medicine
Company Signs New Hospital Partners, Adds Senior Advisor, Wins Award

nGageIT NanoSmart BioSensor

Cleveland, Ohio (May 7, 2018) nGageIT Digital Health plans to be one of the first company’s in the world to deploy pioneering state-of-the art digital medicine solutions to battle the opioid crisis. The company developed novel breath sensor technology for the epidemic of medication non-adherence and in cases such as opioids, the company has solutions to prevent the overuse of prescribed medicines.

Opioid Crisis

The company emerged from the Medical Capital Innovation Conference in April with major collaborative contracts with MetroHealth Systems in Ohio with a specific focus on addressing the misuse of opioids, especially in women of childbearing age; an innovation prize of $25,000; and a new senior advisor, Dr. Gail Murphy, an internationally recognized thought leader in population needs-based approaches to health systems, research and policy. The company is also pleased with its new collaborative development relationship with the Community Care Network of Virginia “CCNV”.

Community Care Network of Virginia.
“We are excited about the increasing momentum surrounding NGageIT Digital Health Solutions,” said NGageIT’s CEO Raj Reddy. “New partnerships and advisory leadership will swiftly advance nGageIT’s medication breath sensor technology to tackle the staggering human costs of opioid abuse. Currently there is enough prescription opioids prescribed to medicate every American adult around clock for a month,” he said “ our digital breath sensor technology can identify use and misuse patterns from patients in real-time using Artificial Intelligence which allows healthcare providers to immediately tailor their approach to reduce addiction”

nGageIT’s detects the unique fingerprint of medications you take from your breath. Its NanoSmart oral encoding platform turns any approved oral dosage into a digital object that addresses medical non-adherence by measuring, through a patient’s breath a more accurate and unique bio-identifier than facial recognition or even fingerprints when medications have been taken. nGageIT’s NanoSmart Biosensor can detect a single, digitally encoded nanoparticle from the more than 2,500 substances in the human breath. The biosensor detects digitally encoded nanoparticles using food grade safe NanoSmart particles, reading them like an “ingestible bar code” from a detection device called the Noz. nGageIT’s platform does not require cumbersome sensor patches to be worn – the patient would simply breathe.

This data is automatically uploaded to the cloud through the patient’s smart phone and can be tracked in real-time by health care providers and in clinical trials. nGageIT plans to use Artificial Intelligence to leverage its patient-facing big data and machine learning to generate better decision-making; improve the efficiency of research and of clinical trials; create new tools for physicians, consumers, insurers, and regulators, and create an improved value in the pharmaceutical ecosystem worth billions including to help curb the opioid epidemic.

“With nearly five people in Ohio dying each day due to a drug overdose, the staggering cost to of fatal and non-fatal opioid poisoning in Ohio is nearly $3.6 billion,” said Dr. Jennifer Murdoch, nGageIT’s cofounder. “It is time for advanced technological solutions like nGageIT’s digital medicine technology to battle the opioid crisis – especially to prevent women of child bearing age from becoming addicted and then pregnant, ” said Dr. Jennifer Murdoch, who is an expert in healthcare systems and a mid-wife.

Opioid Crisis in Ohio

In April, nGageIT was selected from a group of applicants from over 20 countries and 30 states to compete at a Medical Innovation Conference , the theme of which was the ‘The Next Generation of Healthcare – how big data, artificial intelligence, enhanced reality and other disruptive technologies will engage patients and clinicians, and take healthcare to new levels.’

nGageIT won a $25,000 innovation prize at the conference by showcasing its NanoSmart technology and how it plans to use Artificial Intelligence to leverage its patient-facing big data and machine learning to generate better decision-making, improve the efficiency of research and of clinical trials, create new tools for physicians, consumers, insurers, and regulators, and create a vastly improved value chain in the pharmaceutical ecosystem worth billions.

Medical Capital Innovation Competition

nGageIT also created two new groundbreaking partnerships with MetroHealth Systems and the Community Care Network of Virginia at the conference to specifically use nGageIT’s digital health solutions to tackle the opioid epidemic, especially in women of childbearing age.

MetroHealth Systems is an innovative, integrated health system with more than 25 locations and an acute care hospital with more than one million patient visits per year. MetroHealth Systems will be the first health and hospital system in the United States to deploy nGageIT’s state-of-art digital medicine technology. The Community Care Network of Virginia (CCNV) is a trusted health support system, training partner and business process expert for health providers, private practices, hospitals, managed care and federal health centers.

“nGageIT plans to deploy our novel digital medicine platform through our partners at MetroHealth in Ohio and through Community Care Network in Virginia, making nGageIT’s health system innovation partners the first systems in the world to deploy digital medicine to curb opioid abuse,” said CEO Raj Reddy. “The opioid epidemic could claim another 500,000 lives over the next decade, destroy families and cost the health care system billions if leading edge solutions aren’t deployed immediately”
“MetroHealth Systems and CCNV are powerful healthcare partners that will distribute nGageIT’s digital healthcare solutions through their networks, helping to advance the treatment of patients suffering with diabetes, breast cancer, opioid addiction and other diseases,” said Dr. Murdoch of nGageIT.
nGageIT is actively reviewing new life science partners who wish to utilize its novel NanoSmart technology which also prevents counterfeiting by creating uniquely “nano bar-coded” tablets.

nGageIT Digital Health Solutions ( makes medicine smarter using NanoSmart ingestible encoding technology and injection sensors to turn any drug into a digital object. Physicians use the real life experience of patients gathered from nGageIT’s sensors to optimize clinical outcomes.

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Opioid Crisis