Smarter Medicine

We detect the medicine you take from your breath.

Improved Adherence

Medication non-adherence is arguably the leading cost driver in the healthcare ecosystem, leading to increased hospitalizations, emergency room visits and ultimately morbidity and premature mortality. This results in an additional cost to the Canadian and U.S. healthcare system of $300 billion annually. Non-adherence is a complex behavioral challenge.

Smarter Medicine

Unique, detectable, patent-pending digital fingerprints contained within your medicine allows non-invasive adherence verification – either orally or through injection. The nGageIT system improves medication adherence and overall effectiveness to ensure the health and wellness of patients. This helps create smarter, patient-specific solutions.

Clinical Trials

nGageIT facilitates “site-less” clinical trials by detecting the point of ingestion of the patient with their oral medication and autonomously transmitting this data to the cloud for every dose which allows investigators to verify adherence remotely or from the patients’ location in real-time. Patients can be monitored from their home or office or wherever they may be, in a truly site-less fashion.

Physicians and Life science companies need real-life experience of patients gathered by custom sensors that detect the ingestion of oral medications and detect the sub-cutaneous injection of self-administered medications.

Critical Insights Dynamically Improve Patient Outcomes


Engaged Patients & Practitioners

  • nGageIT engages patients through a seamless, easy to use unique portable sensing device capable of detecting and verifying medications ingested by patients.
  • Patients can track and monitor their health and adherence status on their mobile devices.
  • Verified and optimized medication adherence analytics in real time helps physicians understand current patient statuses and improve patient outcomes through enhanced and preventative personalized care.

Critical Data & Insights

  • Critical insights into medication treatment effectiveness and patient health patterns
  • nGageIT’s APIs can integrate with leading physiologic monitors and tracking systems, analyzing data and producing incredible insights on care system, treatment paths, patient behaviors and outcomes.
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics help drive preventative patient care and solve problems before they happen.


The World Health Organization estimates that for every additional dollar spent on improving medication adherence, medical costs would be reduced by $7 for people with diabetes, $5.10 for people with high cholesterol, and $3.98 for people with high blood pressure.

The New Age of Digital Health

Personalized Digital Solutions

nGageIT technology revolutionizes digital medication adherence to optimizes medication treatment effectiveness, improving clinical outcomes and help patients reach their health targets. By partnering with preeminent pharmaceutical companies, insurers and governments, nGageIT technology can deliver transformational digital solutions to the healthcare ecosystem. nGageIT will improve patient engagement, enrich insights, and optimize therapeutic outcomes, resulting in lower overall system costs and improved health outcomes for populations.


We enable our partners to deploy digital technology without burdensome and costly supply-chain changes and lengthy complex regulatory challenges.

Clinical Trials

Digital medicine solutions deliver seamless real-time medication adherence data to our provider partners that improve the efficacy of clinical trials.

Patient-Driven Health System Improvements

Engaged patients make better choices and improve health system outcomes by doing so. nGageIT can support governments and third party Payors in this endeavor and mitigate costly non-adherence in real time while improving overall patient health.

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nGageIT is creating groundbreaking new nano-enabled digital medicine technology and sensor platforms that promise to transform digital heath care by verifying that medications are ingested or injected correctly, and on schedule, using a smart phone. nGageIT is creating groundbreaking new nano-enabled digital medicine technology and sensor platforms that promise to transform digital heath care by verifying that medications are ingested or injected correctly, and on schedule, using a smart phone.

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